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The Canda story

Welcome to, the dedicated A.I. delivery platform for CROPLAND, your trusted A.I. advisor. We empower organizations to effortlessly deploy AI models as APIs, collect valuable feedback via API integration, and proactively monitor model drift through an intuitive dashboard. extends CROPLAND’s commitment to driving innovation and enabling data-driven decision-making.

At, we firmly believe in the power of data-driven decisions for a better future. Our mission is to empower organizations to explore the potential of their data through secure, reliable tools, and tailored services. We’re more than developers; we’re a team dedicated to ensuring a human touch in our interactions.

We prioritize clear communication and pleasant relationship with our clients. Our data analysts and scientists rigorously review and refine every product, ensuring the utmost reliability and efficiency in our output.

Join us in harnessing the true value of data. Let’s build a better future, one informed decision at a time.

Our solutions

We redefine AI integration and monitoring with our innovative solutions.

Seamless Model Deployment as APIs:

Real-time Feedback Gathering via API:

Comprehensive Model Drift Monitoring Dashboard:

Unlock the potential of A.I.
with's powerful solutions.




Backed by CROPLAND’s AI expertise for optimal AI model deployment and monitoring.

Continuous Improvement

Real-time feedback empowers model fine-tuning for peak performance.

Efficiency & Robust

Optimize AI deployment, reduce downtime, and boost ROI with trusted open-source technologies.


Grow your AI capabilities with our flexible and scalable platform.


Proactive model drift monitoring prevents costly errors and disruptions.

Visual Recognition

Utilize image recognition models for quality control and object detection.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Tailored AI models for diverse industries including finance, healthcare, and agriculture.


Deploy predictive models for forecasting, anomaly detection, and decision support.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Implement AI-driven chatbots, sentiment analysis, and recommendation engines.

Your workspace

Discover your workspace, where you can view predictions, collect feedback, monitor progress, and preserve insights effortlessly.

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