The data analysis tool for business professionals is an all-in-one data platform and data analysis tool.
We have made it for you,
to let you shine a new light on your data.

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From Analysis
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Connect to your data, perform analyses & distribute insights, all in the same platform.


Work together with colleagues and developers, share code and truly collaborate.

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Gain new insights from your data, using industry-specific, and ready-to-use connectors & templates. Share lessons learned with your colleagues.


Work in a secure environment focused on business continuity.

What if you could find everything you need for your work in one single tool? That’s where Canda comes in: introducing a comprehensive, multi-functional tool that can revolutionize how you work.
Canda is a secure and cloud-based data platform and workbench. It covers all you need for “the Knowledge Discovery in Data” (KDD).

Using Canda you can:
-> Visualize, explore and analyze your data with powerful statistical methods.
-> Store and manage your data with a built-in SQL database.
-> Create interactive and clear reports that you can share with colleagues and customers in an instant.

Discover what Canda means for you.

Our platform

Canda is built using state-of-the-art data analysis technology

RStudio software solutions do not only allow you to easily quick-start your data analysis, but also to readily scale data science & machine learning across your business.

As a user, you can easily support your internal stakeholders in a quest to serve bespoke insights at scale.

Turn your data into insights!

Canda is preconfigured with a library of templates and data connectors

Use Canda’s existing data connectors and easily access your cloud datasets.

Focus on the analytics, let Canda take care of the infrastructure.

Start with the top 100 most downloaded packages, already installed.

With Canda comes the technical and data science experience & support of CROPLAND

CROPLAND is an AI service provider, focused on generating strategic insights from data,
with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

We build algorithms in order to deliver bespoke insights,
and set up data platforms for our customers.

With Canda, we contribute to our belief in #datadrivendecisions.
We have built an all-in-one, cloud-based data analysis platform,
which is available to a broad user base.

We also support our users with data science coaching & training.

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Our customers

As data analysts, we had already taken our first steps with R and RStudio, but the tailor-made tool & training enabled us to evolve to the next level.

We are very satisfied and we are  reaping its benefits in our daily work.

Bart Pijkels

Inspiring & to the point. After a training session, we changed the way we work & look at data at Across Health. I can highly recommend it to all organizations that wish to step up their data game. With Canda at hand, we have the perfect data analysis tool.

Christophe Brock

Avid R-users need no convincing that using RStudio Server and Connect can be a true game changer for any organisation. After thorough testing we can testify that Canda enables users to attain the full potential of these services with a stable yet flexible implementation and excellent support.

Frederik Heylen
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