About us

The Canda story

Our story

Here at Canda, we believe organisations truly benefit from data-driven decisions.

In order for this to happen however, data from different sources first needs to be connected & wrangled, before it can be properly analyzed, and finally, the resulting insights can be visualized and distributed to end-users.

Given the current technological landscape, with different (cloud-based) operational software systems, such as ERP, CRM, MDM, PIM, Marketing Automation, Social Media tools, etc ... having a single tool for data analytics is essential. Only then can you let your data shine (candescent: glowing).

Canda is a secure, cloud-based, business-smart, data science workbench for collaborative data analysis & distribution.

Our mission

We genuinely believe that data driven decisions are the foundation for a better future. That is why we want to enable our customers to explore the benefits of their data.

We do so by offering secure and reliable tools as well as tailored services. It’s our goal to guide our customers in learning how to make sense of the ever-growing amount of data.

Our values

Although we do develop them, we are not robots ourselves.

Our team is happy to get up from behind our screens and assure you of a pleasant and warm contact with your consultant.

We speak your language, avoid fancy buzz words and share our expertise.

Our data analysts and data scientists always make sure they double- and triple-check the final product before delivering it to you. That way, you get the most reliable and efficient output possible.