Key features

All you need, in just one tool.

What if you could find everything you need for your work in one single tool? That’s where Canda comes in: introducing a comprehensive, multi-functional tool that can revolutionize how you work.
Canda is a secure and cloud-based data platform and workbench. It covers all you need for “the Knowledge Discovery in Data” (KDD).
Using Canda you can:

-> Visualize, explore and analyze your data with powerful statistical methods.
-> Store and manage your data with a built-in SQL database.
-> Create interactive and clear reports that you can share with colleagues and customers in an instant.

Discover what Canda means for you.

Canda is built using state-of-the-art data analysis technology of RStudio

A unique & secure SaaS combination of RStudio Workbench and RStudio Connect allows you to kick-start data analytics and to scale data science across your business.

As a user, you support internal stakeholders in a quest to serve bespoke insights at scale.

With Canda, you turn data into insights!

Canda is prefilled with a library of templates and data connectors

With Canda, you are ready to go.

It is preconfigured with the top-100 most downloaded packages, and also comes with a set of data connectors to popular datasets.

Let us take care of the cloud infrastructure. You focus on the analysis.

Canda is made for secure collaboration with developers and consumers

Canda infrastructure is built for secure collaboration, both with colleagues - developers, as with consumers - business stakeholders.

Share coding and collaborate easily, check-in and check-out for versioning, etc.

Securely distribute bespoke insights in Shiny apps and APIs towards stakeholders that "consume" information.

Canda is built by CROPLAND

CROPLAND is an A.I. service provider. Our team is focused on generating bespoke, strategic insights from data, with the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Canda users receive coaching & training in all aspects of the “KDD”: from data wrangling to machine learning, data visualization, and more.

With Canda, we contribute to our mission of data-driven decision-making, as the basis of strategic insights and efficiency gains, for any company or organization.

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